Anurag Dikshit is the developer of the Party Gaming software.

Anurag Dikshit was one of the first workers employed by PartyGaming. He was brought on board to work for the firm as a software engineer. Dikshit was able to design attractive software for the launch of PartyPoker because of his hard work and devotion to the project. PartyPoker is the most successful casino that PartyGaming operates. Because to his talents and creative ideas, PartyGaming is now one of the most successful organizations in their industry.

Continue reading this in-depth biography if you are interested in learning more about Dikshit, including his early life, his contributions to the growth of PartyGaming, and the circumstances behind his decision to retire earlier than planned. This section of the biography will come to a close by providing you with information about his current activities.

The Initial Years

His parents, Manish and Amala Dikshit, were both sugarcane farmers when Anurag Dikshit was born on February 17, 1973 in the city of Dhanbad in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. As the oldest of six children, Dikshit was the one who would eventually be responsible for running the family farm when he graduated from high school. Dikshit, on the other hand, did not want to do that since it was his ambition to attend a university. He had the dream that if he applied himself well in class, he would be able to get a scholarship that would cover all of his educational expenses. He dedicated the majority of his nights and weekends to studying in an effort to improve his academic performance. After all of his hard work, he was not successful in receiving any full-ride scholarships following graduation.

Dikshit had no choice but to immediately enter the workforce after graduating from high school since his parents’ income was insufficient to cover the cost of his education beyond the high school level. He was a bartender at a neighborhood restaurant and often worked extra hours in order to make more money in a shorter amount of time. After working for around two years, he was able to save up enough money to pay for the first year of college on his own. He then took out loans to pay for the other years of his education. He attended the Indian Institute of Technology, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in both computer science and engineering with a double major.

When he was a student in college, he first became interested in poker, which he has continued to play ever since. He was friends with a group of men who lived in the dorm where he was staying, and they would often spend their nights competing in poker games such as Texas Hold’em and No Limit Omaha. Even though Dikshit wasn’t particularly good at poker, he was sure to have a good time whenever he played. Following graduation from college, he devoted the next several years of his life to working as a paid intern for a number of businesses, including AT&T, CMC, and Websci, among others. At AT&T, he worked as a consultant; at CMC, he was a systems analyst; and at Websci, he was a software developer. All three of these positions were held by him. His objective was to get as much practical expertise in the world of business as he possibly could.

Participating in the PartyGaming Staff

It was in the year 1999 that he made his first trip to a casino in Las Vegas. He could not escape the allure of the dazzling lights and the pulsating energy in the room. While he was in Las Vegas, he struck up a conversation with a lady by the name of Ruth Parasol. She was trying her hand at one of the slot machines in the area. She had just recently established a business that she named PartyGaming and was in the process of searching for a software developer in order to establish other online casinos.
Because of his passion for poker, extensive educational background, and extensive professional experience, Dikshit was the ideal candidate for the position. At the age of 25, he excitedly accepted the ownership share in the firm that Parasol gave him as an incentive for accepting the position.

PartyPoker was one of the first online casinos to be devoted just to the game of poker when it opened its virtual doors in 2001. Dikshit put in an average of 70 hours of labor each week for the best part of a year in a row in order to make his software superior to that of his rivals. Because to his efforts, the software that PartyPoker used was not only user-friendly but also incredibly responsive. The website was successful in rapidly recruiting players from all over the globe, which contributed to the fast expansion of the organization. The next year, they developed a website known as PartyCasino, which included both slot games and table games among its offerings.