A Look at the Big Blox Slot Machine

Yggdrasil Gaming has established itself as a premier video game creator. The Big Blox product stays true to this principle. Instead, it offers gamers a stunning aesthetic alternative. The game boasts an intriguing premise throughout, one that centers on long-lost civilizations. It features a strong Aztec/Mayan aesthetic (for more games with a similar subject, check out these links). The music in the background is also really genuine. All of this contributes to the overall mood while you play. The developers at Yggdrasil tout it as a “simple and fast arcade game,” and they’re not wrong. It also offers a great deal of visual appeal, making for a game that is easy to get lost in. You’ll also notice that the game boasts a number of interesting and enjoyable quirks. We’ll be explaining these in further detail, as we do with all online slot machine reviews, very soon.

Put the Bricks together

Like we said, even Yggdrasil admits that this is only a basic game. This results in a relatively basic design with just five reels and three rows. As a result, its aesthetic is consistent with that of many other slot machines found online. These reels are where you’ll see all the different symbols. The four suits of playing cards represent the lower-paying options. The diamond, club, spade, and heart are the four suits of playing cards. They don’t appear in a typical format, but as Mayan-style symbols. Blue represents the diamond, green the club, purple the spade, and red the heart. There are also four other symbols that pay out moderately. These glyphs are multicolored runic icons that depict human faces.

There are 243 possible combinations of symbols, reels, and rows that can result in a win. This is fixed and cannot be changed. All of the win conditions have been predetermined. However, in this game, players can adjust their wagers if they so want. This is accomplished by changing the worth of a single coin. Alter it there for as little as £0.01 all the way up to £4. If you’re feeling particularly risky, you may go all the way up to a whopping £100 per spin. The ‘Autoplay’ button is also available. This gives you the opportunity to play with the same wager for up to a thousand rounds in a row.

Your Destiny Is Up to the Blox.

Yggdrasil Gaming is known for having a wide variety of gaming genres and types. The first of these is readily apparent from the very first spin of the reels. The ‘Big Block Feature’ is the official name for this. When you start the reels turning, a large square is always drawn. This block’s size can be anywhere from a 2×2 to a 5×3 at random. A single icon is depicted inside this section. If further matching symbols appear on the game’s remaining reels, you may construct several winning combinations simultaneously. The possibility of assembling the Super Mega Big Win is also present.

Wild symbols can be found within the reels of Big Blox as well. The golden rune emblem is the wild, substituting for all other symbols. Doing so can increase your odds of success. The formation of a Big Block Wild is also possible. One of the larger shapes now has a wild within it, of course. This allows for the possibility of repeated victories and increased payouts.

Closing Statement

The spotlight should be shining brightly on a game of this caliber. It lacks a plethora of unique characteristics, yet its two stand out elements work wonderfully with the design. The design as a whole is quite attractive. In addition, the game’s high production values ensure that you’ll have a great time playing. Overall, we have a great time twirling the reels of this machine.