Royal Reels Slot Machine Available Online

Royal Reels Online Slot Reviews

The Royal Reels slot machine from Betsoft is ready to satisfy your appetite for opulence and wealth, should you so want. Royal Reels is a 5-reel slot game that was one of the early efforts of the gaming company. It combines a traditional set of bonuses from BetSoft with vintage aesthetics and has 30 active paylines. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time when you play Royal Reels, a slot machine game that was designed with vintage fruit machines and opulent jewelry in mind and is playable on any modern device that supports Flash. Participate in a few rounds of it at a casino that accepts real money bets for the opportunity to win the jackpot of 45,000 coins!

Royal Reels is even better than an old fruit machine since it does not just come equipped with a traditional wild symbol that has the potential to pay out large jackpots. This is not the case; in addition to the standard bonus round, this slot machine also offers a click-me bonus round that awards fast cash rewards and a second screen bonus, both of which provide the opportunity to gain anything more without incurring any further costs. You may get further information on the prizes, betting limits, and bonuses by reading the whole review that we have provided below.

How to Play the Online Slot Machine Royal Reels

Royal Reels is the ideal game for you to play if you are seeking for a slot machine that is easy to understand and operate. This online slot machine has a comprehensive set of settings, all of which are conveniently located at the bottom of the screen and are properly labeled. You may choose the coin denomination, the number of paylines, and the amount that you wager on each line using the three settings that are located on the left side of the screen. You may place any wager between 0.01 credits and 150 credits each round by using these buttons to make your selection, and then you can start the game by using the spin control.

A feature that is absent from the vast majority of contemporary slot games is the ability to choose the number of paylines you wish to wager on, which Royal Reels shares with the bulk of slot games developed by BetSoft. If you want to find out where the paylines are, you may either open the paytable and press the line control a few times to check where they are, or you can look at the paytable itself. You can discover information on all of the prizes and bonuses that can be won in the slot game as well as the symbols that may bring those wins up in the paytable. The rewards are all shown in coins, and there are a maximum of eight different ways to win them. Payouts begin at 2 coins and may reach a maximum of 500 coins for a single sequence when playing for real money with a minimum wager. If, on the other hand, you raise the number of coins you wager on each line all the way up to five, you will be eligible for rewards that are five times more valuable, with a maximum payout of 2,500 coins.

Due to the fact that Royal Reels by BetSoft is a Flash-based game, however, most of these rewards will only be accessible to players who access the game on a desktop or laptop computer. Because of this, you won’t be able to play this game on the go if your mobile device runs Android or iOS unless it supports Flash.

Features Based on Royal Reels and Free Spins

Because the game pays out in the same way that other slot machines do, you don’t need any prior experience playing slot machines in order to win real money with Royal Reels. In order to qualify for a share of its regal awards, you will need to create sequences of at least two matching symbols on every payline that you have triggered, with the direction of the series being from left to right. The fact that you may have up to four distinct symbols that each pay out for two-of-a-kind combos is a terrific feature of this game. This means that you’ll have more opportunities to win payments as you continue to play. These symbols are all card signs, and they not only deliver the finest rewards but also offer the highest payouts, which may go up to 1,500 coins each sequence for a single five-of-a-kind win.

The diamond wild is another sign that, in addition to the card images, you’ll discover to be highly useful in this game. This wild sign, like all other wild symbols, may act as a stand-in for any other symbol, regardless of whether or not it pays out, and it can do so many times at once. The diamond, however, may also give five-symbol awards when it is not substituting for any other symbol, giving you payouts of up to 2,500 coins when you play for real money at an online slots site. This is the unique aspect of this particular game. You still have two other bonus symbols to look forward to, ones that you won’t mind collecting as often, so even if this sign doesn’t bring you the winnings you were hoping for, you can still have fun playing this game.